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Cochrane's CX-02 Direct To Orbit Vehicle is a horizontal takeoff and landing platform that can transport cargo to low Earth orbit and beyond. As well as provide uncrewed laboratory and orbital manufacturing facilities for commercial and research purposes.


Our vehicles support the construction of orbital structures such as space stations, power arrays, telescopes, etc.

Key features include:

  • Point-to-point terrestrial transport & deployment.

  • Custom internal orbital laboratories.

  • Bespoke internal orbital manufacturing facilities.

  • Space station modules.

Cochrane Ship CX-02.png

Advanced Heatshield

Carbon Composite shielding for

atmospheric reentry

Composite Skin

Active cooking & fuel pre-heating

RCS Thrusters

Reaction Control Thrusters

Solar Array 

Supplemental power generation

Aerospike Engines

ParaMag TM powered Aerospike Engines

Scram Jet Intakes

Methane Enabled Air Breathing Rocket Engine

Docking Hatches

Rendezvous with Space stations,Starships & other orbital platforms Rendezvous

Vertical Stabilizers

Improved flight stability & Mechanics



Autonomous Vehicles

Top View

Cochrane Ship CX-02.png
  • Composite Skin/Shell for Active cooling during high hypersonic flight

  • Solar Array for Supplemental electrical power generation

Side View

  • Vertical stabilizers

  • Upper Scramjet Inlets

  • Winglet

cochrine spaceship interior animation 04.789.png

Bottom View

  • Enhanced heat shielding and active cooling during atmospheric re-entry.

  • Lower Scramjet Inlets

cochrine spaceship interior animation 04.779.png

Rear View

  • Air-breathing scramjet engines

  • Aerospike engines

cochrine spaceship interior animation 04.786.png
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